Friday, November 18, 2011

LIFE is not for ENTERTAINMENT only

LIFE is not for ENTERTAINMENT only
It should be utilised to attain ENLIGHTENMENT also

But what is going on?
Total mankind excluding certain people are always
wasting their precious life in different types of
entertainment during waking hours

A section of the people are wasting their blood
throughout their life to entertain others
Crores of money is wasted like this all over the world
Nobody cares for the poor and downtrodden

Capitalists are exploiting their workers
and amassing wealth disproportionate to their needs
thus depriving crores of people dying of hunger

The people in power are harassing
the unharmed ,poor,illiterate people
for their selfish ends

certain people are spreading hatred
among everybody they come across
which creates disharmony among masses
in turn among nations
The people must realize this
and try to change their attitude towards the fellow beings

The people should mend their evil intentions
and become a good people otherwise
the GOD WILL END THEIR stay in this world
abruptly without giving any chance to save them.

Unless and untill people starts loving
everybody and helps the poor and needy
no change can be expected in the near future

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