Sunday, August 5, 2012



When we all are corrupt 
then why put the  blame on 
certain quarters of the society only?

First the PEOPLE  are corrupt.

They have no patience to wait till their turn comes.
Hence they tend to find out an easy route to get things done.
They lure the concerned even though the person is refusing 
to do the the first instance.but it becomes a the wrong run. 
The politicians are minting lakhs of rupees for all the posts filled by Govt
from the job seekers.whatever may be their merit. 
The news spread and others follows suit..

The person who is addicted of extracting money for doing favors 
fails to distinguish between the haves and have-nots.which sparks problems.

When his  next superiors find that his subordinate 
is collecting huge bribes,they instigate them to part of 
their income to them.and so on it moves from bottom to top 
and then to the Minister concerned. 

After seeing all these things, the politicians,
 petition writers, anti social elements are also 
start extracting money from these persons
and finally they  become full pledged corrupt

To continue their business in the same place they bribes their
higherups and the area politicians.
The politicians will never distribute their allotments of funds 
to their area by the government without getting sizable commission
from the contractors who are going to do the work. 
to which the officials cannot reject.

Everybody know it but they wont voice any protest it.
because after deducting al commissions, still they can earn  
something by doing substandard work. 

The welfare schemes are so technically planned that 
if  a beneficiary has to get the assistance they have to produce
various certificates to be issued by various departments, 
and in certain cases certificate from politicians also,
enable them to fill up their coffers.
for giving false certificate in several cases relating to agelimit, 
educational qualification,time limit, income certificate,
caste certificate.etc.etc.

So the corruption is rampant in all and 
there is no use of pointing out one finger against somebody 
when three fingers are pointed towards the pointer. 

All must correct themselves to correct the corrupt 


  1. நல்ல அலசல்...

    முடிவில் சொன்னது தான் சிறப்பான கருத்து...

    தன்னைத் தான் முதலில் மாற்றிக் கொள்ள வேண்டும். நன்றி...

    என் தளத்தில் : மனிதனின் உண்மையான ஊனம் எது ?

  2. Thank U DD Sir .But the people are not for change .All have become selfish to the core. The people who lead the masses have become asses.with no respect to purity and integrity.
    The right will continue the fight against the corrupt But the might will crush the movement by resorting to all illegal legal methods. But one day they will vanish like clouds before the burning sun