Friday, August 3, 2012

ஆட்சிகள் ஆள்பவர்களுக்கா அல்லது மக்களுக்கா?

ஆட்சிகள் ஆள்பவர்களுக்கா 
அல்லது மக்களுக்கா?

The Government is for the people 

of the people 

by the people.

But what is the reality ?

But nowadays the government is 
buying the people by distributing freebies
during election and run the government 
after winning the election 
with the same technique
This is followed by all 
successive governments
in all the states in India 
with increased freebies at the
cost of taxpayers and 
law abiding citizens.

The so called poor who receive the 
maximum benefits are not contributing 
to the society as expected.
and improve their way of life 

Because they receive everything free 
they waste their precious earnings 
on liquor ,and destroys their family and 
they continue to live on poverty
and then starts blaming the government.

Under the influence of liquor
they indulge in all sort of anti-social
activities. and causing nuisance to
the law abiding citizens. 

TV channels ,cinemas, politicians 
always keep the masses under their 
control by brainwashing and changed their character
to blindly follow them for their selfish ends.

This bad practice has spread all over India like a decease
Masses are always emotional in approach and react to
any small incident provoked by the anti social elements 
and politicians and religious fanatics engage
themselves in destroying public properties and creating
social unrest between castes and religious followers.

The riches become richer and the poor becomes poorer 
thus the gap between them is widened day by day 

Haves and havenots gave way to corruption, 
exploitation  ,increase of anti social activities 
which make the  governments cannot go with their 

Their energy and resources are forcibly wasted 
in controlling useless agitations, arson and looting 
by anti social element triggered by selfish political and religious fanatics.

Due to wrong policies of governments. unemployment, poverty prevailing all over the world causing unrest in the 
minds of people resorting to agitations ,protests,creating suppressing the feelings of the people the governments are waging war against their own people and kill the innocents mercilessly in many parts of the world. 

Any  type of government whether it is dictatorship or democratic ,if they fail to serve people to improve their living condition will not survive. 

But it has become a distant dream now. 

This situation should be changed 
for the welfare of all 

GOD alone can save this planet and its people 
in this situation. 

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